In-ya-ear aims to connect strangers in public spaces. It creates a path from private to public through offering access to five different ‘happenings’ in a transient space. The installation at Mentone Station will be recreated in partnership with the local community and site.

Crush Candy: A reinvention of Candy Crush, the game app, involving three participants. Each participant is given one of three matching bright objects and asked to complete the set by finding and connecting with the others. The question is then revealed, ‘What do the three of us have in common?’
Shuffle: Have you ever wondered what people are listening to in their headphones? The public is given the opportunity to play their music on portable boom-boxes for all to hear. The project artists and participant together create performative responses to the music ranging from Beyonce moves to simply sitting and listening.
Strange not Strange : A facilitated encounter for two strangers in the form of a 3.5-minute instructional audio work. Movement, language and touch are explored in this creative, and somewhat kooky, meet and greet.
Yawn : Part portraiture, part participatory event, this activity looks at the contagious nature of a yawn and its possible link to empathy. Yawn includes the making and screening of a short film that is accumulated over the duration of the installation.
Stories at the station : A verbatim soundtrack created onsite with people at the station. Interviewees are invited to tell a story about a time they connected with a stranger.

“In-ya-ear simultaneously captures the wonderful diversity and idiosyncratic nature of humans, their humor and their sometimes apathy.” Anna Tregloan, Curator of the Australian Exhibit for PQ15

In-ya-ear @ Mentone Station Trailer

Yawn @ Mentone Station 2016

Lead Artist / Performer: Renae Shadler
Producer / Site Coordinator: Cameron Stewart
Collaborator: Rebecca Jensen
Sound Design: Robert Jordan
Performer: Tessa Kate Broadby
Yawn inspired by Virginia Francia

Mentone Station
Melbourne, Victoria
1.30pm-4.30pm, 2nd-4th March 2016

This presentation is supported by Kingston City Council

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